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Welcome to the Rebellious fanlisting for the wonderful webmistress Lesley, the owner of HERE-WITH-ME.ORG, I must confess I havent know Lesley for as long as I would like to say we have, but the moment i started talking to lesley there wasn an insant connection (for me at least) Lesley is so kind and so helpful that you may wonder why i called this place Rebellious. but even though she is one of the best people that I have come to know, she also has that quirky rebellious side that just makes me laugh, I wish i had her courage sometimes to do the things she does. but im just happy that I have had the oppotunity to know her and be good friends with her.

Lesley has touched so many people with her kindness, and although she hasnt always gotten her way, the people she has helped and has guided will remember her for the good she has done for them. this is my chance to show her how much that she means to me, and when you join you can show her how much she has effected your lives as well.

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Always and Never Dwight and Gail Fanlisting

16th July 2013

Checkout the new layout for War Zone fanlisting Causalities of War. I've also gone through the members and hidden all the dead links so if you go to the site and see your site no longer displays simply update your details or contact me and I will update your link for.

29th March 2014

Checkout the new layout for Hal Carver (Saviour) Roswell character fanlisting. I've updated it to the latest markup ditching the old single page fanlisting and I've also set up new jQuery validation for the forms and brand new information and icons so check it out and sign up.

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