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Right Hand Man: The Stuntman fanlisting

Welcome to Stuntman the offical Biker Boyz character fanlisting for stuntman, played by Brendan Fehr in the 2001 Movie Biker Boyz where a aspiraing Biker loses his father to a racing accident, then decides to move into his won group determined to bring down the man he blames for his fathers death.

Stuntman: the man

Stuntman played by Brendan Fehr, is the star of the movies best friend, his right hand man if you will. Stuntman keeps Derek Lukes character Kid on his feet, providing a grounded view of his ambitions and driving him on in his visions of beating the 'King of Cali' helping Kid to bulid his own empire of bikers known as 'The Biker Boys' for the race of their lives.

Brendan Fehr: the actor

Brendan first made his name on the small screen with the US hit show Roswell High however he had already stared in many movies however his big start was in Roswell High. taking the small time Canadian actor and making him into a world wide heart throb. giving him the bad boy image making him perfect for stuntman movies such as 'Forsaken' and 'Biker Boyz'.

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