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Ok so the rules, each fanlistings has them, basically you read them, and they aren't that many and I mean come on you can count them on one hand. So if you want to give them a once over feel free but they are the same as every other fanlisting.

  1. You have to love Vera aka x-girl you can love any thing about her, her fic her art as long as you are a fan of hers. But that is a given.
  2. If you have a website could you please put a link or a button on your website linking back here, after all what's the point of signing up if you don't show people what you are a fan of. (But remember you do not need to have a website to sign up).
  3. Give me a couple of days to get your name up.
  4. No porn or explicit sites please

Ok have you read the rules? Good now go grab a code and go join up ^_^

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