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About Vera

Vera has an impressive list of websites she has been dedicated to fanlistings for ages, and has her own collection of fanlistings much larger than most peoples.

However Vera has so many likes so much more than the few I will list here. For starters Vera is a HUGE Roswell fan. (The cancelled TV show) she has several websites dedicated to Roswell and that's that are associated with it. She is also a Candy which is someone who love Michael and Maria's relationship in the TV show Roswell. She loves RPGing she is also an amazing FanFic writer and she is amazing with fan art also which you can see on her websites.

She has a great passion for movies and music and much much more. But she's such a creative and talented person there is too much to that I can put here on this site.

What is So Many Decisions

Well lets see "So Many Decisions" is a fanlisting for all those people who love a girl named Vera aka X-girl

Why is it So Many Decisions?

ok you may be wondering why I called this site So Many Decisions well basically her domain is called Indecisive cause she couldn't decide on a name for her domain, and she had millions of them so she decided to go with indecisive which works really well if you ask me so that's basically my reasoning for the title of this fanlisting.

Can I join?

YES everyone can join there is no restrictions to who can join.

How do I join?

Well that is simple just go to rules then to join fill out the form, then grab a code and your done simple as that.

Vera's Sites

This is a little bit of information on the websites that Vera runs/created/owns. All these sites where personally made by Vera so if you don't know about them, head over and give them a looksie
Vera's Domain

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Fanlisting Collective

X-Girl Graphics
Vera's Roswell Graphics site
Sugar Rush
Candy Fanfic Archive

Alien Sex
Rath FLs and Fansite

Divine Badboy
Kris Lemche FLs and Fansite

Oy with the Poodles!
Vera's Live Journal

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