Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting

Valentine Movie Summary

Four Friends start to receive morbid valentine day cards. Someone out there is stalking them....someone they all spurned when they were younger. And Valentines Day 2001 is the Day she/he gets their revenge.


Adam Carr: The Man

Adam is a journalist with a drinking problem, he is introduced as Kate's (lead female) boyfriend that her friends don't approve of, the mystery behind Adam is no one really knows who he is, he's from out of town apparently, and only has a few friends at his work, his only other connection is Kate, but when things start happening to Kate and her friends she starts to question his Identity, claiming that he may be the mysterious Jeremy Melton who the girls teased in high school.

David Boreanaz: The Actor

David Boreanaz first made his name on the small screen with the US hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer however he had already stared in several movies however his big start was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his own spin of show Angel the Series. taking the Philadelphia boy, who lived among stars like his father a news anchor, and taking him to the top of US teen Valentine's Lists.

Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting
Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting Indenity Adam Carr Fanlisting
Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting Identity Adam Carr Fanlisting

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