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Welcome to Jello the approved fanlisting for webmistress of and Kitty and I have been friends for some time we first meet thought a great friend of ours, our little group was so close and even as time goes by and friends depart or get a little harder to reach Kitty has been the strong hold in the friendship for each of the little group. And ever since I met her I knew she was a strong and trust worthy friend that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Kitty has helped me out so much in my online life and not just me. She is a helpful person to anyone. Sometimes too helpful for her own good. She has such a loving and motherly nature she just can't help but be helpful lol. Mother of four she squeezes her online life into her offline life and makes everyone around her feel so loved its time we showed her how much we appreciate her.

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Casualites of War War Zone Angel 01.20 Fanlisting

16th July 2013

Checkout the new layout for War Zone fanlisting Causalities of War. I've also gone through the members and hidden all the dead links so if you go to the site and see your site no longer displays simply update your details or contact me and I will update your link for.

29th March 2014

Checkout the new layout for Hal Carver (Saviour) Roswell character fanlisting. I've updated it to the latest markup ditching the old single page fanlisting and I've also set up new jQuery validation for the forms and brand new information and icons so check it out and sign up.

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