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Ok so the rules, each fanlistings has them, basically you read them, and they aren't that many and I mean come on you can count them on one hand. So if you want to give them a once over feel free but they are the same as every other fanlisting.

  1. You have to love Kitty you can love any thing about her, her sites, her art as long as you are a fan of hers. But that is a given.
  2. If you have a website could you please put a link or a button on your website linking back here, after all what's the point of signing up if you don't show people what you are a fan of. (But remember you do not need to have a website to sign up).
  3. Give me a couple of days to get your name up.
  4. No porn or explicit sites please

Ok have you read the rules? Good now go grab a code and go join up ^_^

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