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Episode Summary

Original episode description from The WB

Behind on his schoolwork, Michael is given the assignment of interviewing WWII veteran Hal Carver, who worked on the Roswell Army Air Field military base in 1947. Through Hal, Michael learns the story of what truly happened the evening of the supposed crash. As the story begins, Michael thinks back in time picturing himself as a young Hal Carver. Hal and his buddy Richard Doty, played by Max, learn of the crash and are told by to drive a troop truck back to Hanger 20 by Captain Sheridan Cavitt, played by Alex.

As Hal and Richard are driving back to the base, they encounter two while figures in the middle of the road, and are forced to stop. In looking in the back of the truck they discover two sacks, which appear to be glowing.

Later, Hal receives an invitation from Betty to meet him for a drink. There, Betty introduces Hal to Yvonne White, played by Liz, a young nurse who worked the base the night of the crash. Knowing talking to Yvonne could be dangerous, Hal refuses to hear her story and leaves. He returns to the base, to discover two Privates were killed in a jeep accident. Feeling the accident suspicious, Hal decides to talk to Yvonne. Yvonne meets Hal and tells him she helped assist an autopsy, which she describes as nothing she's ever seen before. She tells Hal the bodies were not human, and proceeds to draw what she says she'll never forget. When Hal later attempts to contact Yvonne, he discovers she is missing. Hal then goes back to the base where he finds a file with photographs of the dead Privates. In the photos, the men each have a silverhandprint on their chest.

Now knowing something is amiss, Hal confronts Richard to help him find out the truth. Hal tells Richard they both know it wasn't a weather balloon that went down that night. Hal then goes to Betty to tell her what he knows, and later tells Richard it's all about to go down. Richard plays along with Hal long enough to find out what he's up to. The next day expecting a report in the paper, Hal is concerned when he learns Betty is not in. Feeling Richard sold him out Hal confronts him. Hal learns from Richard that he's being honorably discharged. Upset, Hal attempts to find Betty and discovers she's been killed in an automobile accident.

Wanting to know the truth for himself, Hal sneaks into the building where the government is keeping the contents of the truck he and Richard earlier drove. There he finds two medical technicians dead on the floor, each with a silverhandprint on their chest. Hal then discovers the sacks from the back of the truck, and sees the white figures from earlier standing before him. Hal realizes the aliens are only there for the contents of the sacks, and tells the beings to "save them." Hal then runs, and escapes as we fade back to present day. Hal is telling the story to Michael and decides to tell what he saw in the sacks. He tells him there were four human-like fetus' each sack, eight in all. Hal tells Michael of his frustration of going through all of that without being able to help in the end. Michael turns to Hal and tells him it was he that he saved.

In the end, Michael takes Maria to the Granilith in an attempt to tell her how he feels about her. He also shares with her that they now know there are four other aliens out there like them.