Joined Fanlistings

Below are all the fanlsitings I have joined, check them out we may have quite a few common interests, you may even want to join some of them yourselves. The fanlistings below are set up in the categories predesigned by for easy navigation.

Adrian Edmondson Alexis Denisof Andy Hallett Bradley Cooper Brendan Fehr Colin Firth Colin Hanks David Boreanaz Eric Balfour Jensen Ackles Jim Caviezel Majandra Delfino Sandra Bullock Molly Ringwald Angel Buffy Summers Darla Faith lehane The First Slayer Winifred 'Fred' Burkle Illyria Matchbox Twenty Buffy 05.07: Fool For Love Hatter : Alice Doyle: Angel Charles Gunn: Angel Lorne : Angel Spike: Angel/Buffy John Mitchell : Being Human Annie : Being Human George Sands : Being Human Samantha Stephens : Bewitched Sheldon Cooper: Big Bang Theory Leonard Hofstadter : Big Bang Theory Penny : Big Bang Theory Bernard: Black Books Zack Addy : Bones Seeley Booth : Bones Angela : Bones Rupert Giles : Buffy Xander : Buffy Willow Rosenberg Phoebe : Charmed Cole : Charmed Leo Wyatt Alec : Dark Angel Max : Dark Angel Logan : Dark Angel Echo : Dollhouse Benton Fraser : Due South Diefenbaker : Due South Arya : Game of Thrones Robb : Game of Thrones Daenerys : Game of Thrones Kahlan Amnell : Legend of the Seeker Cara: Legend of the Seeker Richard : Legend of the Seeker Kate : Lost Sawyer : Lost Hurley : Lost Arthur : Merlin Merlin : Merlin Gwen : Merlin Nathen : Misfits Mick St John : Moonlight Beth : Moonlight Patrick Jane : Mentalist Lisbon : Mentalist Belle : Once Upon A Time Snow White : Once Upon A Time Mr Gold : Once Upon A Time Charming : Once Upon A Time Red : Once Upon a Time Emma Swan : Once Upon a Time Huntsman : Once Upon A Time Michael : Roswell Dean Winchester : Supernatural Sam Winchester : Supernatural Ellen : Supernatural Jo Harvelle : Supernatural Bobby : Supernatural Bill Compton : True Blood Sam : True Blood Eric Northman : True Blood Sookie : True Blood Bonnie : The Vampire Diaries Caroline : The Vampire Diaries Elena : The Vampire Diaries Katherine : The Vampire Diaries Alaric : The Vampire Diaries Damon : The Vampire Diaries Stefan : The Vampire Diaries Adam Carr : Valentine Darla & Angel/us : Buffy and Angel Dwight & Gail : Sin City Hal Carver : Roswell Kitty Mayer ( Martina Martinez : Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th Sam : Benny and Joon Stuntman : Biker Boyz 02.09 : The Trial 02.22 : There's No Place like Plrtz Glrb 01.20 : War Zone 02.21 : Through the Looking Glass